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Jesus Came To Our House

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Well, hello son.
Well we got your letter today, and it made your momma cry
why she's been running all over the neighborhood,
just praising Jesus Christ
She shows everyone your letter, and she asks them to pray that God would bring her baby home.
and so much has happened since we last talked
I thought you should know that you are not alone

(Chorus... sang)
Jesus came to our house today
but this time I didn't turn Him away
Son, if He can work through you,
He'll take care of me too
and Jesus came to our house today

Well, this past Sunday morning, your mom and I were baptised
oh, and it seems the whole town turned out for that event
and when our friends asked us why, well, we just smiled as we replied
look at the letter our son sent.
and son, I never knew the Lord before
oh, but I truly wish I had
then maybe, just maybe you wouldn't be in prison
and I would have been more of a dad

But (Chorus)

Well son, your room is ready
and there's a big ole bible there on the stand
I know you're really going to need it
'cause Jesus said He was bringing out His prisoners from all across the land
You see, He's building up an army
ah, and He's going to shake this old world just once more
and when I asked Him, who's going to support you
why, He said that's what we were for
So we will be there Friday
oh, and we sure have a lot to talk about
and I know everything it will go just fine
'cause we'll have Jesus there to help us out
So, goodnight son, I really love you
and, don't forget your prayers
oh, don't you worry about me and momma
'cause we're in Jesus loving care

and (Chorus)
repeat last 3 lines