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Father Take My Hand

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Father Take My Hand

So many things are coming down
so many teardrops fall
I feel so far from you Lord
Oh, can't you hear me when I call?

In your word you tell me
I won't ever be alone
I need to feel your presence
I can't hold out very long

Father take my hand - like you used to do
I have no strength to stand - when I'm apart from you
show me where I faltered - and I'll repent today
I don't mind all the rocky road - as long as you will lead the way

(short lead)

The family's gone to pieces
my child is running wild
I could throw the towel in
but, Lord I know that's not your style

I'm gonna hold onto your promises
and treasure them like gold
when Jesus saved me from my sins
He promised to never let me go


repeat last line 3 times while fading