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Grave Side

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Grave Side
Kneeling by a grave side, on a sunny summer day
a young man placed a yellow rose, gently on the grave
with tears running down his cheeks
the young man bowed his head
a broken heart began to speak.. as the young man said

Bobby's in the choir now... singing for the Lord
Sis is teaching Sunday school.. like none we've known before
Jimmy's preaching Jesus.. everywhere he goes
In a world full of brambles.. we have found the Rose

The wind grew still.. all motion stopped
not a single bird was heard
it seemed that all creation, clung to his every word
chills ran up and down my spine... as I heard the young man pray
the echoes of that man's words are still with me today
he said


when he finished praying... he looked up into the sky
said, "Thank You Lord Jesus, for helping me to cry
grandma, you can rest now.. it'll be okay
all your prayers were answered, and we'll be home someday"