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  1. My God
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My God

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My God
My God's bigger than that... Yeah, my God's bigger than that
there ain't no place in the whole wide world where my God isn't at
if I go to the mountains or down to the sea.. He'll be there just walking with me
He won't leave me flat.. my God's bigger than that

When David faced Goliath, he did not moan or cry
he said "Big boy, you've been bragging, but today you're going to die
you think you're something special with your spear and your sword,
but to me, you seem as nothing, for I have seen the Lord"


There were 3 Hebrew children, who faced a fiery grave
but they spoke out in confidence, we know our God will save
you tell us to bow our knees to your idle made of gold
well, fire up the furnace king, for the rock we serve won't roll

(bridge-- spoken)
He created the heavens, He created the earth
He even created the sea
He spoke into the darkness and said "Let there be light"
and light was all you could see
He created the animals, He created the trees, and even the grass on the ground
Then He formed a man from the dust of the earth.. gave it life and let him walk around
He delivered a multitude out of Egypt by the power of His right hand
He gave then bread from heaven and water from rocks and took them to the promised land
He fought their battles, and He never lost
He was always by their side
Then He sent His Son to pay sin's cost and upon a cross He died
But, He didn't quit there, He's still working today
through everything I must face
Though I'm not perfect, He'll never change... and I praise Him for His grace
Through every valley, and every trial
even when Satan knocks me flat
He'll pick me up, and dust me off
'Cause my God's bigger than that