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  1. The Called
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The Called

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The Called

There are people who believe.. that it's all on the pastor
to go and share the word with all the world
That's just not God's plan
He called every woman, child and man
They have a testimony.. this world has never heard

you've got
Hands for raising... lips for praising
knees that kneel in prayer, to get you through
feet for walking.... a tongue for talking
and a story of what God has done for you

People fight religion... attack theology
but they have no answer.. to what the Lord has done for me
so, do not get discouraged... do not get dismayed
take a stand for Jesus... victory's on the way


Some are called for preaching.. some for teaching
but all are called to stand and testify

(Chorus.. twice)
and a story of what God has done for you.