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  1. Servants Heart
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Servants Heart

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Servant's Heart

Just turned off the evening news --nothing out there but pain and blues
Oh Lord, they need a hand

Children living in the streets -- cold and scared with nothing to eat
and I know, this is not your plan

Help me get back where I belong
give me a heart thats set on, helping them get home

I need a servant's heart --- fill me with Your Spirit
Open my eyes to see... Your love throughout this world
I need a servant's heart --- in everything I do
Lord, I pray to you today.... make me more like You
make me more like You

Like that child with the fish and bread --- I give you all that I have
use it for Your Glory, that the multitudes are fed
use my hands and use my feet... Lord, lead the way
But there's something missing.. that's why I am here today

(8 bar lead.. optional)
(chorus ) X2