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Meet Me At The River

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Meet Me At The River

Bobby Joe was known to be the biggest drunk in town
he went off to the war, and man, it really pulled him down
got hooked on pills and booze - but God wouldn't let him loose
He saved that boy's soul and then He turned his life around

Meet me at the river, there's a baptism going on
live's are being changed while people praise God in song
it's and outward expression of an inward change
telling the world you call on Jesus' name
meet me at the river - God is doing great things

Little Mary Lou was a sweet young farmer's daughter
but the pastor's son - got her into hot water
But, God wouldn't let her leave
He said "You and that child are special to me.
so do your best and lean hard on your Father"

Little Jimmy Taylor was always kind of strange
when he came out of the closet, his dad said "you've got to change"
they sent him to a clinic - they sent him to a shrink
God told the church "I don't care what you think,
he's my child and I love him anyway"
Meet me at the river
oh, meet me at the river
meet me at the river
God is doing great things.